Okay I’ve got a couple of things to say. First of I’m living in Copenhagen now. Studying to be a chef. So with that said; I have for a long time wanted to buy a analog camera, because of the authenticity there is. Its me and my camera. The end result reflex a lot in the photographer. So I found a cheap Chinon CE-4 with a 50mm lense. The film I used to shoot the cold streets of Copenhagen was a black and white 35mm 1600 film. The quality is shit, cause I took pictures of the pictures with my phone. I like the process. So expect more of this from me. I’m looking to buy a film scanner sometime in the future so the quality gets up to standard and upload friendly. Take care until next time. 

A collective group of young dudes, who calls themselves FeelGoodGuys. They had a gig last night and I went and snapped a couple of photos. :) 

Photos from last night and today. Non of them are edited, didn’t feel they needed it. :) 
It started snowing for the first time, late last night. And when I woke up today, it was all white outside. This is the result of an day outside, freezing cold!   

I’m quit happy with this video and I hope you’ll like it, even tho it’s in danish :) 

My latest work, hope you guys like it! 

I wanted a drink…….. 

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Peacefull James

Hey fellas, just wanted to make an quick update!
This weekend I’m off to Copenhagen, where I’m shooting a music video for Peacefull James. I’m honored, cause I’ve been listning to his music for a while.
Besides work, I’m staying at one of my closest friends - so thats great too!


Oh shit, I almost forgot to post this video! 
Hope you guys like it, wether you understand it or not. :) 


Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great night and a happy new year! 
The year has barely started, and this is the first video from me! :)
Hope, you’ll enjoy it and stay tuned. I’ll be releasing another musicvideo, very soon!